Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still Splurging on Small Luxuries!

Looking for a little life in the Beauty Industry? You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that even with the seemingly striving economy Americans are still splurging on small luxuries.  I recently read an article referring to just that.  According to an article in the Beauty Business Magazine, high end lipstick and gourmet coffee might not top everyone's list of needs, however a survey conducted by and the end of 2012, examined products and services that consumers felt were untouchable and expendable.

Some of the services and products that have mostly remained untouchable over the past five years include basic mobile/cell-phone service, basic cable/satellite TV, discount shopping for apparel and a haircut/color.

Some of the expendables for the past five years have included high-end jewelry, luxury handbags, maid service, club/social memberships and high end cosmetics.

It's nice to know that haircut/color services are among the untouchables, and the beauty business will always thrive in one way or another.

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